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Hire These 5 Types of Live Performers for Your Las Vegas Party

Posted by Tet San Diego on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 Under: Las Vegas

Hire These 5 Types of Live Performers for Your Las Vegas Party

If you’ve been put in charge of planning a party, you have a lot of important decisions to make. Everything can make a difference in how successful your party is, like where it’s being hosted and what food you’re serving. Planning a party is always a lot of pressure, but it can be even more pressure when it's a Las Vegas party. Las Vegas is known for its fun and excitement, so anyone attending will have high expectations. When the stakes are so high, you have no choice but to high a phenomenal live performer. 

For your Las Vegas party, look into hiring these five performers. 


No matter what type of party you’re hosting, you know that it needs to have music. You might be thinking of hiring a DJ and letting them play all the music, but that can be boring. Everyone has attended parties that have had a DJ, so there isn’t anything special about it, unless you’re able to get a big name for your party. For a party in Las Vegas, you need to hire either a live singer or band. Live music brings a level of excitement to parties that most DJs aren’t able to. 


One type of live performer that can instantly make a party more exciting is live dancers. There are a variety of different dancers you could hire that can make your party more interesting. Professional dancers are amazing to watch, so their sure to capture your audience's attention. After the dance performance is over, your guests might feel more encouraged to get up and dance. 


You can find plenty of celebrity impersonators and Las Vegas actors for hire, but this is one type of live performer some people might overlook. Impersonators can walk through the party like everyone else and interact with your guests, which you won’t get with most live entertainment. Depending on the type of party you’re hosting, this can be lighthearted entertainment that your guests will love. This can be even better if you can get more than one. 


Tons of people go to see magic shows while they’re in Las Vegas. Having a magician at your party is a classic move that never gets old. Even if you’ve seen several magic shows in the past, a good magician will still be entertaining. Your guests will spend the rest of the party trying to figure out how all the tricks worked.  Magicians can either be amazing or a little cheesy, but either way, you can be entertained. 


Chances are, most of your guests will be looking for a way to unwind. Most people are dealing with a lot of stress and they can use a good reason to laugh. This is why a comedian is a great idea for live entertainment. A comedian can elevate any stress for you and your guests, so the rest of your party runs smoothly. 

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