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Asian Corner in Charlotte for Pho and Banh Mi

Posted by TetSanDiego.com on Sunday, September 9, 2018
For Labor Day weekend, we were in Charlotte, North Carolina to visit the Carowinds and also made a stop to our favorite banh mi restaurant called Le's Sandwiches and tried a pho restaurant nearby. They were both located at the Asian Corner shopping center.

I have never seen a Vietnamese sandwich this small and see it be so incredibly successful. The owner, who is always the cashier, only takes cash but charges tax on all of his transactions. I've never been handed a receipt from this place and as much as I don't like being robbed of my money, I still shell out my cash for their delicious and well-made Vietnamese banh mi (sandwiches). I always get the #1 (banh mi thit nguoi, also known as the combination).

In the same shopping center, we went to Truc's Restaurant. The pho did not seem fresh to me but the flavor was all there. They also had bun bo hue, bun rieu and other popular Vietnamese dishes. 

Around Vietnamese New Year, this Asian Corner shopping center usually hosts a tet celebration with lion dances and firecrackers.

This shopping center also has a supermarket. Although the building is a bit run down, there is real potential for this place to grow.

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