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Vietnamese Grilled Pork (thit nuong) with vermicelli and veggies is a great healthy meal

Posted by TetSanDiego.com on Sunday, February 10, 2013
Chuc mung nam moi! I made my very first thit nuong with vermicelli for my husband and myself for Vietnamese new year, as well as thit kho trung, to ring in the Year of the Snake. It's rather easy to make and I like to grill it on this cool skillet pan that we bought at the flee market in Point Loma for $9. I grilled everything on here because I'm not a fan of burning charcoal or using a grill for outdoors. With this one pan, I grill all of my meat and shrimp at the same time for two people.

Tags: vermicelli  thit nuong  nuoc mam cham 
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