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How I celebrated 3 days of Vietnamese New Year

Posted by on Monday, February 3, 2014 Under: boba
For Tet 2014, I tried to make something special every day for 3 days for Vietnamese New Year. See pictures below to see what I made to celebrate.

For Day 1 of Vietnamese New Year - January 31, 2014, I made Vietnamese carmelized stuff squid and served it over rice.

For Day 2 of Vietnamese New Year- February 1, 2014, we had hot pot (lau) at home. We used the Mongolian Little Sheep brand. It tastes just like the restaurant!

For Day 3 of Vietnamese New Year (which was also Super Bowl 2014), I made boba for the husband and me at home. Yes, I boiled my own boba! We made almond snow bubble. See pictures below.

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