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Making Boba at Home and making a snow bubble

Posted by on Sunday, January 12, 2014 Under: boba
Being from San Diego, I was very spoiled by the many tea shops on Convoy Street, which is also known as Asian town in Clairemont Mesa. When I moved away to the Southeast to a small town, there was only one restaurant that had boba and it didn't taste good at all. My husband decided to surprise me and bought me a boba starter kit so I can make my own delicious boba drinks at home! It is one of the best surprises ever!

Here are some of the pictures I took as I was preparing the boba below. The most time consuming part was cooking the tapioca balls (boba). After boiling for 30 minutes, letting it sit for another 30 minutes and then washing them and let it sit in sugar water for the last 30 minutes, it took about 1.5 hours total. The key is patience and in a way, it was like art to me.

Here is the end result after 1.5 hours of patience below. You can find tapioca pearls (boba balls) on Amazon to make at home.

It was just the right consistency and I was ready to make my matcha snow bubble by blending matcha powder, cream, longan honey, water and ice into my magic bullet I have at home. You can find Matcha green tea powder on Amazon

Then I took a new glass, put the boba at the bottom first and then poured what I blended into that glass. When I tasted it, it was so much better than what I would get at the only restaurant that serves this in my town. I'm almost thinking, I should open a boba shop! However, I don't know if we have the right demographics around here for it but you never know.

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