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Tet in Charlotte, North Carolina 2015

Posted by Tet San Diego on Saturday, March 7, 2015 Under: Charlotte
This year, I celebrated my tet in Charlotte, North Carolina! The weekend festival was located at St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic Church and I was very impressed with its organization of the whole event. 

There were a total of 7 lions for the lion dance! It was the best lion dance show I have ever seen in the past 31 years of my life! Event was free and there were all sorts of games and food you can purchase. See some of the food that were available from the festival below. Everything was fantastic! 

(Shrimp and Sweet Potato Fritters)

(Banh Mi Xiu Mai) 

(Lion Dance)

(Roasted Duck)

(Pho Dac Biet) 

If you are quite a traveler, I dare you to travel to a different American city that hosts a tet festival and experience it yourself! Happy year of the Sheep!

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