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Vietnamese translation of English wedding invitations

Posted by on Friday, July 27, 2012
I'm Vietnamese-American and to appease my mother, I've translated our English invitations into Vietnamese and printed them on vellum paper. Time to get crafty! It's pretty nice because you can put it over the regular English invitation and you can still see the bottom design but not the English text. Most Vietnamese weddings that I've seen put both English and Vietnamese on the invitation piece. Since I don't want the Vietnamese text to go to all guests, I just add an additional vellum paper on top for those Vietnamese speakers. It's the non-traditional way to do it because it's more work but it makes sense to me. See below.

English version of wedding invitation/response card without vellum paper on top (Note: I will not be providing the English version or translation)

Same wedding invitation with Vellum paper with Vietnamese translation (I still need to trim vellum paper)

Same response card with vellum paper with Vietnamese translation on the top (I still need to trim Vellum for here too)

It took me a lot of work to translate this with my mom and type it in the computer and also cut up the vellum paper.  If you would like to get a copy of my Vietnamese Version for the wedding invitation, you're welcome to buy it from me.  The same thing for the Response card too.

If this is something you'd like to use, please use the paypal button on the right--->. Once I've received payment, leave an email address in the notes section and I will email my version to you (you just need to fill in your parents' names and the bride and groom's names) in a word doc.

Here are the prices:
$10 for copy of my Wedding Invitation in Vietnamese in word doc.
$7 for copy of the response card (Phuc Dap) in Vietnamese in word doc.
$15 for both!

Go to this page to purchase the translation, if you're interested in my Vietnamese version for these. They will be in word doc so you can edit the names. Note: I will not be providing the English translations. 

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